KAN - It works

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser gives performance equal to or better than that of ammonium nitrate and is used from John O'Groats to Lands End.  

"My oilseed rape yield grown with Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser was verified on a weighbridge at over 2 tonne per acre/5 tonne per hectare - proof to me that the product worked," Maurice Large, L M Farms 


Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is proven in UK trials.

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Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is powered by AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser AGROTAIN® is also used across the world. The active ingredient in AGROTAIN® is bolstered by review and registration by the European Commission.   

The active ingredient in AGROTAIN® is the only recognised urease inhibitor by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials. Outside of the UK and Ireland, Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is branded as NEXEN® fertilizer. 

Koch Agronomic Services has a global nutrient team with diverse expertise. As a global leader in nitrogen efficiency, farmers should know that they are getting proven nitrogen protection. Further details on Koch Agrononmic Services is available by clicking on this link or visiting the Global Knowledge section of the website.