KAN - It spreads

 Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is a free flowing granular product. 

SCS trials confirm that in the right conditions Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser spreads up to 36 metres

"We are happy Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser spreads to 36 metres in the right conditions and it is as good as an equivalent ammonium nitrate. In our spreader trials it has performed really well,” Nick Langley, SCS. 



One-third higher nitrogen concentration than ammonium nitrate means you can use less fertiliser for faster spreading

It can spread with all major machines

The spreader settings below are for guidance only. The exact fertiliser rates and spreading patterns using these settings cannot beguaranteed as the application will be affected by the condition of the spreader itself and the environmental conditions at the time of application. To ensure greater accuracy, the spreader should be recalibrated for application rate and spread pattern using a tray test. Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding spreader settings and calibrations.








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